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July 2015, outdoor wedding at Goldwater Lake, Prescott, Arizona

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I have been an ordained minister since 2002. I am ordained through a non-denominational Christian church. One of my great joys is performing wedding ceremonies.

It is such an honor to share this sacred space with others, and to participate in a pivotal moment in their lives. Thank you for the opportunity to work with and participate in the beginning of your new life together.

Funeral Services or Life Celebrations 

Create a space for you to have a sense of peace and closure with the passing of your loved ones.  While there are no words that can take away the pain and sadness, often times sharing our thoughts and feelings help us to heal in deep and profound ways.   I simply want to help provide a gentle and loving space for this to happen.  Celebrating the life of a loved one is a gift we give to ourselves.

House Blessings 

A wonderful way to clear old energy from a new or existing residence allowing you to create a loving, prosperous and joyful energy in your new home.  It will enable you to have a peaceful and harmonious vibration to your living space.

Please feel free to call or email me for more information and any questions you may have!