Aura Photography

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Aura Photography by Liz Johnson

Aura Photography is one of my passions! It’s fun and exciting to see what will show up in the photo and the confirmation it gives about the spiritual journey of the person photographed!

Our aura is the light that exists within our soul, it is the essence of our authentic self. Through Aura Photography we are able to glimpse who we truly are, to see the growth of our Spirit through the colors that surround our physical being.  We are able to see our gifts and potential, where we are now, and what we may become.  It is my desire for everyone to see the beauty and magnitude of their unique light, to know they are so much more than meets the eye.  I invite you to experience the magic and mystery that is YOU!

I first became interested in aura photography back in the mid 1990’s while I was holding Spiritual retreats. One of our presenters had a camera just like the one I use. I was completely fascinated by the process and delighted to see my own Guides in the photograph. Later, I discovered the benefits of using aura photography in healing work and initiations. While teaching Reiki classes, I took photos of my students before and after their “Attunements”, the shift was not only noticeable but profound. I also used it while working with cancer patients to affirm that something was truly shifting for them. Throughout my life I have often seen someone’s aura spontaneously, but never with any consistency. Using this camera has enabled me to see this magnificent light at will.

​Aura photography is not only useful to those on their Spiritual Journey, it is also fun to entertain your guests at parties and weddings. I have had the opportunity to take many photos at these kinds of events, for those who are skeptical it is a bit of an awakening. I always do an interpretive and intuitive reading with the photos. My guides and angels will provide additional information that is beneficial to the recipient. Perhaps your deceased loved one will make an appearance … this too has happened many times, always a wonderful affirmation that they are with you still, loving you and supporting your life’s path.

What is Aura Photography?​How did it begin?

In 1970 the technology from “Kirlian Photography***” a process of creating an image by exposing the subject to an electromagnetic field, was combined with computer science to create what we know today as Aura Photography. The system uses biofeedback technology to produce an electronic image of your aura.

The biofeedback device measures electrical impulses along meridian points in the hands. These pathways in the hands and body are also where traditional acupuncture points are located. These impulses are then converted into an electrical frequency that is displayed as colors and patterns in the aura. The colors express qualities and traits unique to the individual.

Aura photography reveals your personal energy and how it’s expressed to others and the world. The colors define how you’re seeing yourself in the present and energy coming to you in the future.

*** Kirlian (KIHR lee uhn) photography is the process of creating an image of an object by exposing the object to an electromagnetic field. The process is also known as electromagnetic discharge imaging (EDI). Objects photographed in this manner appear surrounded by discharges of light. The images may be captured with ordinary photographic methods or by more sophisticated techniques.

Semyon Kirlian discovered this fascinating photographic phenomenon in the 1930s in the U.S.S.R. He was servicing a high voltage machine and was accidentally exposed to a harmless electron cascade. A visible aura was seen around his hands, which he later captured on film.

How Does Aura Photography Work?

To have an aura photograph taken is easy!

The subject places each hand on a biofeedback sensor plate. These sensors are connected to a computerized camera and printer. There is no sensation associated with the biofeedback sensors. The room is completely dark except for two, 75-watt, lights that are used to provide lighting. The aura photographer looks through the viewfinder and captures the image.

The film is Polaroid and takes approximately one minute to develop. During this time a printout is produced describing the colors and their meaning. Once the image is developed, we give a more specific reading based on personal knowledge and experience. The photograph and the informational printout are given to the subject for their personal use and record.

The location of aura color in the photo has specific interpretations.

Your Right Side:
The color projected on the right side is the type of energy those you meet experience.

Above Your Head:
The color above the head is what the individual is currently experiencing.

Your Left Side:
The color on the left side is potential energy type for the future.
See real life Aura Photography examples with interpretations …
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​Aura photography is also great entertainment for wedding receptions, private parties, corporate and employee events.
Liz Johnson, Aura Photographer and Interpreter. Liz resides in the Prescott, Arizona area and will travel to your location. A number of years ago, seeing the value of aura photography in our spiritual growth and awareness, she invested in the training and professional equipment to provide you with life insights. Aura photography is also great entertainment for private parties, corporate, or employee events. Liz is also a licensed ordained minister who works to impart acceptance and universal love with everyone she touches.