Wedding Ceremony

I have had the honor of presiding over many wedding ceremonies since my Ordination.  Working with wedding couples in Utah, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and California.  I enjoy seeing how each couple applies their own creativity and heartfelt emotion to their special day.

I have been an ordained minister since 2002. I am ordained through a non-denominational Christian church. One of my great joys is performing wedding ceremonies.

It is such an honor to share this sacred space with others, and to participate in a pivotal moment in their lives.Thank you for the opportunity to work with and participate in the beginning of your new life together.

Although I have posted a basic ceremony on this site, I encourage you to make it your own. Add too, eliminate and tweak it, so that it becomes a representation of you and the ceremony you desire.

Often couples are unsure where to begin when it comes to the vows they want to exchange.  It is my joy to give you an easy template to follow, while helping you customize your ceremony into your very own special moment that fits your wedding style and plans.

Wedding Ceremony Vows
Your vows are the center of your wedding ceremony, a deep and moving expression of the love you share and the commitment you are giving one another.  I help make this a fun and enjoyable process, and I am always available to assist you through it.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate in and preside over this beautiful moment in your lives.

I have posted a basic wedding ceremony for your review and use.  I encourage you to make it your own.  Feel free to add, eliminate and tweak it as needed so that it becomes a representation of you and the ceremony you desire. Pdf example here for wedding-ceremony

I have posted a celtic hand-fasting ceremony. I encourage you to make it your own. Contact me for revisions. Pdf of Celtic Hand Fasting Ceremony

Wedding Candle Ceremony 
I have also posted a basic candle ceremony for your review and use too!  Pdf example here for candle ceremony

Note:  I offer very affordable flexible rates based on the wedding plans and location of your choice. I will be very happy to provide you with more detailed information about my services and special pricing.  

Over twenty years of experience helping you create your special wedding day.  
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